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InterMorphFace is a combination of the words Interactive, Morphing and Surface. This system “morphs” video content on a “surface” in depending on the “interaction” of the user. Whether it's a floor, wall or table, it becomes much more attractive when the object interacts with passers-by. InterMorphFace are surfaces that create breathtaking interaction between video and participants, who can touch, explorer or play with the content. The content of our interactive objects swims, jumps or flies over the floor, wall, table or any other surface, in response to movement of the participant.
It entertains and informs not only the participants but also attracts the attention of other passers-by.

InterMorphFace is an innovative medium that turns passers-by into a participants. The magical interaction between individual movements and video or images stimulates the imagination and elicits emotions. Advertising messages become much more attractive and will be remembered much longer by passers-by, unlike conventional advertising. But InterMorphFace can also be used for purposes other than just advertising, like at playset at an indoor playground or nursery, where children can actively participate in real-life video games such as football, air hockey and more educational games like memory. In the waiting room at a dentist children can be made more ​​aware of dental plaque in a playful way by interactively brushing teeth.

InterMorphFace is based on video playback on a surface, in any form, such as a wall, floor, table, bar, reception, window, etc. The passers-by within the "interaction field" are recognized using one or more small observation cameras and changed in participants. The movements of these participants is detected and analyzed using special software. Based on this data and close to nature algorithms the video content is manipulated and interaction occurs, this video content is then display using LED LCD monitors or projectors and the experience is complete.

InterMorphFace is the perfect eye-catcher, when everyone plays "your game", this provides a unique opportunity to broadcast your message and visitors or are more likely to visit your business again or promote it to others.


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