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Equipping a meeting room, visitor center, event or attraction with audiovisual technology requires a thorough approach. It’s important to analyze the desired functionality and application usage of the system, based on this information  the technical design can be completed. The operation of the whole system will be intuitive and simplified using our showcontrol technology.
ShowTheme offers a wide range of video technology, starting with a wide variety of display solutions such as:

  • Professional flat screens
  • Hotel TVs
  • LCD screens with high light output for outdoor applications
  • Projectors
  • 3D Systems
  • Information kiosks
  • Digital Narrow Casting
  • Interactive wall / floor or object systems

In cooperation with our partners, we also provide large LED video walls for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Within these projects ShowTheme is responsible for the technical service and support as well as getting the desired content onto the LED wall, often combined with our Managed Purple Presenter narrowcasting system.

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  • Video - ShowTheme
  • Video - ShowTheme
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  • Video - ShowTheme
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  • Video - ShowTheme

In addition to the various display solutions ShowTheme can also provide the corresponding graphical content. Let’s use sponsor presentations at events as an example; The logos of your sponsors are shown in a presentation complemented with a high quality dynamic background image and supplemented with actual information (like a twitter feed) to retain the attention of the visitor. The design and completion of a narrow casting presentation is also among the possibilities. Even feel free to contact us for processing your idea into a concept and then in a script and / or storyboard, developing 3D objects, animations, and other computer generated images (CGI).

ShowTheme has multiple full HD video cameras, professional digital cameras and associated peripherals, with this we’re able to carry out single or multicam recordings of your events or business presentations ,or realize promotional video’s.

Often all of the disciplines mentioned above are combined in custom video projects, like chromakey and augmented reality techniques for theme parks, museums, exhibition stands or retail groups. ShowTheme has the necessary knowledge and experience regarding professional video equipment and represented miscellaneous brands such as: Samsung, LG, Sharp, BrightSign, Hitachi, Barco, Dynascan, Blackmagic Design, Coolux, Grass Valley Edius Pro and Arkaos.

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