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Project: Perception in Volendam

Volendam is one of the main tourist attractions in the Netherlands. Every year almost 1.5 million tourists visit Volendam in search of Volendam villagers in traditional costumes and fishing boats. Last month, during the tourist low season, we realized educational multimedia installations at three locations. The following exhibitions were created in three buildings located on the Haven in Volendam.

Foto De Boer
At Foto De Boer, visitors can take a picture in authentic Volendam costumes.In the shop window of this store we have made a video wall setup of 4x55 inch LG monitors,through our Managed Purple Presenter Narrow Casting players a film about the history of Volendam and the origination of Foto De Boer is shown. The extensive scheduling functionality of our narrow casting system ensures automatic switching on and off of the video wall. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a custom-made brightness control.

Clog factory
The "The Wooden Shoe Factory" a souvenir shop located at the Haven in Volendam is mainly focused on the sale of wooden clogs and other Volendam costumes. On the first floor there’s a clog museum, behind a window frame the authentic clog machines are installed, with a press of the start button the lighting is partly switched off, the previously transparent glass turns into a projection screen on which a film about the production process of the clogs is shown. Afterwards, the lighting switches back on again and the projection screen switches back to normal transparent glass and the visitors see the authentic clog machines again. All of this is controlled using our Managed Purple Presenter Narrow Casting player, which also functions as a mini showcontroller in this installation.

Traditional costume
On the first floor of the clog factory there are also a number of mannequins in authentic Volendam garb, a 75 inch LG monitor in portrait orientation is mounted between these mannequins. By hitting the start button, a film starts in which the different parts of the Volendam costume are explained layer by layer, both the female and the male costume are discussed. Again played through our Managed Purple Presenter Narrow Casting player.

Dutch Souvenir Shop
In this shop you will find a wide choice of Dutch souvenirs.In the basement of this location the decor of a real Volendam living room has been created, using of a double projection on the wall with an aspect ratio of 32:10 it looks like you are viewing the street from the living room. The content is precisely mapped onto the window frames in the wall and you see the passersby on the shopping street. With a push on the start button, the lighting is dimmed and a film about the genesis of Volendam as a tourist city starts. Again, the whole is controlled using our Managed Purple Presenter Narrow Casting players, with show control functionality.

We are convinced that our multimedia entertainment solutions will ensure that the tourists of Volendam also bring back a piece of history.

Project: Perception in Volendam
Project: Perception in Volendam
Project: Perception in Volendam
Project: Perception in Volendam
Project: Perception in Volendam

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