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Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum. Narrow Casting for the Limburgs Museum.

The Limburgs Museum is equipped with a new narrow casting system. [More]

The Secret Weapon of Amsterdam The Secret Weapon of Amsterdam

ShowTheme provided the technical realization for this attraction [More]

Exposition Signs of Freedom Exposition Signs of Freedom

Video technology for Limburgs Museum Signs of Freedom [More]

Venlo On Ice Venlo On Ice

Every year ShowTheme provides the narrow casting & sponsor presentation for Venlo On Ice. [More]

Future Care Lab Future Care Lab

The interactive mobile healthcare lab realized in a 40ft sea container. [More]

Vostermans Zephyros Conference Room Vostermans Zephyros Conference Room

A multifunctional conference room with extensive an AV and control installation. [More]

Toverland Interactive Magic Wand Toverland Interactive Magic Wand

Custom development of an Interactive Magic Wand [More]

Perception in Volendam Perception in Volendam

Multimedia installations at several locations [More]

Lebe Business Center Elevator lighting Lebe Business Center Elevator lighting

Customized LED lighting in an elevator [More]

Domani Venlo Lighted stairs Domani Venlo Lighted stairs

Dual LED lighted Stair profiles. [More]

Kipling Game On event Kipling Game On event

Customized content for exclusive event at Fort Island Pampus [More]

Weir Minerals Time-lapse recording Weir Minerals Time-lapse recording

GEHO pump production Time-lapse recording [More]

Sportgeneeskunde Nederland Sportgeneeskunde Nederland

Narrow Casting and Live videotransmission over IP [More]

Ondernemerscafe Venlo Ondernemerscafe Venlo

Video technology during periodic entrepreneurs live event [More]

Seacon roundabout Seacon roundabout

Replaced LED light lines [More]

Viva Classic Live Viva Classic Live

LEDscreen, digital signage and video facilities for Viva Classic Live [More]

Natuurmonumenten Fortress Kijkuit Natuurmonumenten Fortress Kijkuit

Visitor center Fortress Kijkuit featured with audio, video, lighting and showcontrol. [More]

Theater De Maaspoort Lecterns Theater De Maaspoort Lecterns

Three modern and stylish lecterns for theater De Maaspoort [More]

30 years Rowwen Heze 30 years Rowwen Heze

AV technology for exposition Limburgs Museum [More]

 Boxmeer LED billboards Boxmeer LED billboards

Technical support LED billboards Boxmeer [More]

Business Center Sablones Narrowcasting Business Center Sablones Narrowcasting

Narrowcasting system for business center Sablones. [More]

Pampus Xperience Pampus Xperience

a service friendly turnkey multimedia project. [More]

Kunstencentrum Venlo Narrow Casting Kunstencentrum Venlo Narrow Casting

Renewed narrowcasting and information kiosk. [More]

Brand Loyalty Meeting Rooms Brand Loyalty Meeting Rooms

ShowTheme installs AV facilities in multiple meeting rooms [More]

DOK6 Narrow Casting DOK6 Narrow Casting

DOK6 chooses Managed Purple Presenter Narrow Casting System [More]

Artking Studio football video recordings Ginga Artking Studio football video recordings Ginga

Recording videoclips for Ginga football app [More]

Hotel Klein Zwitserland digital  hospitality television. Hotel Klein Zwitserland digital hospitality television.

Hotel Klein Zwitserland upgraded to digital hospitality television. [More]

Seacon Logistics Meetingroom Seacon Logistics Meetingroom

Presentation feature in a meeting room [More]

Sulzer Turbo Services large conference room Sulzer Turbo Services large conference room

Presentation facility upgraded to modern HD technology. [More]

Royal Delft Experience Royal Delft Experience

Installed a multimedia tour [More]

Thermae Bath Spa lighting Thermae Bath Spa lighting

Installed RGB LED lighting at Thermae Bath Spa - United Kingdom [More]

Jocus Hofbal Live Content Jocus Hofbal Live Content

Customized content for Jocus Hofbal [More]